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Sahara International group
Sahara International group Certified v11 Certified v12
صحراء العالمية شركة متخصصة في تطوير البرمجيات و حلول المعلوماتية و تقنية المعلوماتية سعت منذ تأسيسها إلى التميز في السوق العربي و تقديم حلول معلوماتية على مستوى عالي من الدقة و الإستجابة لمختلف حاجيات المستخدمين و الشركات في مختلف القطاعات الحكومية أو الخدماتية أو التجارية
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Streamline Technology Ltd
Streamline Technology Ltd
Streamline Technology Ltd is a newly emerged company with a team of qualified engineers and consultants, looking to provide all variations of IT solutions to customers using state of the art technology, following universal standards in all of its services. Headquartered in Tripoli with presence in Benghazi.
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OmdaTech Co.
OmdaTech Co.
OmdaTech Co. Ltd (OTC) Is a leading provider of IT Solutions and services to the SME Marketplace in the Libya. We aim to provide all aspects of Enterprise level IT service, from strategy through to configuration and support at a cost effective level for small businesses. ...
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Cubes Libya
Cubes Libya
Cubes® is an IT business solutions company Established in 2017 that, provides IT Products, Customized solutions and Services to integrate clients' business processes with the latest IT technologies and best practices.