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Midis RSEZ
Midis RSEZ
Midis is one of the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems developer in Latvia, founded in 2010. The company provides full development process from analysis of requirements and software architecture build, finishing with QA, support and user training for enterprises and government sector. The main priority is detailed research of customer’s needs, allowing us to deliver high-quality solutions and efficient organization of work. The company’s main strategic way is ERP systems developm ...
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Lailio Solutions SIA
Lailio Solutions SIA
Lailio is an international IT technology company. We work relentlessly to develop your business, provide you with most suitable solutions and we are proud to offer the best opportunities to automate management processes.

We develop and implement the most efficient and convenient business management systems for your company, which will not only help you to improve the quality of work, but allow to track, plan and improve company's resources distribution to reap maximum efficiency out of your o ...