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by "Xia Chien | CELLSIX PTY LTD" <xiachien5@gmail.com> - 18/03/2015 03:36:09

Hi There,

My name is Xia Chien and I am Online Marketing Manager at a leading Aussie based digital marketing company which specialises in SEO (Google Rankings) and Web Design. We are your one-stop-shop for all Online Marketing and Advertising.
I was analysing your website and it seems that your website rankings have dropped on Google. It is due to non-optimised techniques / errors and Google guidelines not being met.
I would like to present a detailed analysis of your website along with errors that your website and ways to improve your Google rankings.
It would be a detailed report and would be explained as well on phone once we send this over to you.
Please let me know if you are interest in improving your website’s ranking on Google.
In terms of pricing, our pricing structure is heavily dependent on the keywords you wish to target for your website and their current positions on Google. If you can send me a list of the keywords we can tailor a package and send you a detailed proposal outlining package inclusions and pricing along with a time frame for our services.
Look forward to your timely response

Best regards,

Xia Chien | SEO Web Guru



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