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Using csv to add records to database, what is the difference between : / @ in relationship?

Ian Riva B

Take for example res.users.csv:

"user_example","user example","","","base.group_user,mymodule.group_example_manager"
Is there a difference between "groups_id/id" and "groups_id:id"

Both behaves as the following example in xml:

<field name="groups_id" eval="[(6, 0,[ref('mymodule.group_example_manager'), ref('base.group_user')]" />

But I want the equivalent of this:

<field name="groups_id" eval="[(4, ref('mymodule.group_example_manager')),(4, ref('base.group_user'))]" />

How can I do it?

Odoo Version: 13.0
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