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upgrade from odoo 10 to 11

Onur Başer

I am following openererp since version 5. Why there is no easy way to upgrade? Is it beacause of commercial gain? I love odoo and appreciate its being free but for each new version we setup new database and go on. 

I heard about Openupgrade will wait until they finish upgrade script for 11

But why odoo do not help community in this issue?

Before odoo 10 I was not concern about upgrade as a big issue because they were changing structure. But now odoo 11 is similar to 10, so why there is no easy upgrade?

Best regards... and thank you for odoo...

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Hi Onur,

To put it short: having the upgrade service behind the enterprise model makes it a huge benefit to Odoo Enterprise.

By only having this service for Odoo enterprise customers it has a great added value and I'm quite sure it affects sales numbers. Odoo itself needs to make money (and profit) too. Some of this made money flows backs to the community version, but sadly not for upgrades.



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