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Studio : how to change the layout header based on sale order specific values?

Amélie Eliard (aed)

If the user wants a specific header on SO and invoice reports, here is a basic use-case that shows how to customize it.

The purpose of the customization is displaying the sales team information (logo, name, email and website) 

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Here below an example with a Sales Team named Flowers

1. Using Odoo Studio, create the needed fields on the Sales team.

2. In the General Settings, check which report is used by default.

3. Find the related view.

4. Create an inherited view.

5. Replace the "company" field by your "o.team_id" fields. For example :

6. Don't forget to manage the case in which your custom field does not exist in the model related to the report :


7. Include this customization in Studio

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