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Several views for one object?



how can I make 2 views for the same object? Which are displayed depending on the place I am?

For example I have one tree view which is available from 2 menus. Depending on this menu, I have a context={'management': True} or False in the action XML.

But these two menus opens the same tree, and I want to show the form view (object view) differently depending on this context.

Can someone help me? Thanks!

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Grover Menacho
Best Answer

First you have to assign different priorities on the xml for your tree views

<record id="custom_form_tree" model="ir.ui.view">
        <field name="model">custom.model</field>
        <field eval="4" name="priority"/>
        <field name="arch" type="xml">

And on your action you have to set the tree view

<field name="view_id" ref="custom_form_tree"/>

This is going to work.

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thank you, but in fact the tree view is not the problem, it's when I want to open the form view from the tree view (by clicking a row), So I want to make the form view different depending on which tree view I am... Sorry if I did not explain well