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Why does my Odoo wait for more than 2 minutes after clicking on pay now? [eCommerce]

Hey everybody

A while back I downloaded Odoo 8 on Ubuntu 14.04 and installed the eCommerce module.
I've developed this on a local machine and I've now put it online on a server.
Since I've placed the shop online I am noticing a severe waiting time (of over two minutes) after clicking on the pay now button.
You can see the delay here:
And the details here:

Could anybody give me any information or hints about how to solve this or what causes this?

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Best Answer

Turns out the problem was caused by our internal network setup and Odoo not being able to access our CSS/resources.
If anybody has a similar problem, the fix is very easy.

1. Go to settings > Technical > Parameters > System parameters
2. Make a new paramater

  • Name: web.base.url.freeze
  • Value: True

3. Edit the parameter web base.url and place the ip on
4. Refresh and everything is fixed.

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