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Issue on my onchange function

Dan Support

Hello forks,

Could someone help me correct this onchange code. I have a predefined values with different datatype. My code works fine if result value and predefined value are float datatype. But when inputted value is outside float i get an error.

Expected result values are float, integer, char, text.

How can i make it to work? Below is my onchange code

@api.onchange('normal_range', 'result')
def onchange_result(self):
    if self.normal_range:
        no1,no2 = self.normal_range.split('-')
        if self.result:
            if float(self.result) >= float(no1) and float(self.result) <= float(no2):
                self.remark = 'Normal'
            elif float(self.result) <= float(no1):
                self.remark = 'Below'
            elif float(self.result) >= float(no2):
                self.remark = 'Above'

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shalin wilson

please share the error here and try doing debuging and urself u can find the answer,

and if your inputs are in digits python have no trouble making it to float

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Best Answer

Try to use is instance function of python. which help you to check data type.

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