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Is there any easy way (like a widget) to filter the input of a binary field?

Juan Formoso

I have a binary field, and I want to allow the user to upload only zip files to it. I'm trying to do it this way:

source_file = fields.Binary('Source File', filters='*.zip')

But I've read that this only worked for the old GTK Client. Is there a great way to manage this on version 8?

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Dewilde Valentin
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I'm with the same problem and don't find a solution as simple as the one you mention. But there is a solution as i think simple enough : use the api.constrains. Here is my modus operandi:

1) I save the file's name

My model:

files = fields.Binary(string="Download Zip")
filename = fields.Char()

My view:

<field name="filename" invisible="1" />
<field name="files" filename="filename" />

2) I use the api.constrains to verify the extension
def _check_filename(self):
    if self.files:
        if not self.filename:
	    raise exceptions.ValidationError(_("There is no file"))
	    # Check the file's extension
	    tmp = self.filename.split('.')
	    ext = tmp[len(tmp)-1]
	    if ext != 'zip':
	        raise exceptions.ValidationError(_("The file must be a zip file"))

I know, it's not a very beautiful way to do it but it's an alternative solution to your problem.

Hope that help you.

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Yes nice its working...