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How to take Auto Backup from one OpenERP Server to another (Syncronize database to another server)


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Anil R. Kesariya (Jupical)
trên 07/01/2015 09:25:44

Hi All,

I want to take auto backup of OpenERP Database from one system to another.

I have two systems at the same place , in both system I have configured OpenERP 7 and in both system it works fine.

Server Details OpenERP : v7 postgres sql : 9.1.1 OS :ubuntu 12.04 Desktop verson are installed

Note : both servers on same data center

one system or server will be used on live and another one is storing daily backup of openerp database.

Any suggestion will be appreciated how would I fix this problem.

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You should use a scheduler and on that method call, use cursor well for the db name!

OR, using tools you should get port and you can backup the right db...isnt it?


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Thank you.Nice suggestion i will work on it.

@SerpentCS : I have done this , I have created generic module for it. I follow your steps. It works for me. Thank you.


Hi Anil, I have same kind of requirement. Can you please tell me how you did this.


My requirements is to schedule backup my openerp database on the remote clould (to have a backup In case of server failure).