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How to set warehouse to product ?



How to link products to a specific warehouse. For example, when I purchase product A, it will automatically go to warehouse 01. When I buy product B,  it will automatically go to warehouse 02.

Is there a way to do this in odoo 11?


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Hi Yazeed,

You just need to set the route in the purchase order.

If you have "Multiple Location" setting enabled, in the PO you will see a field "" in the "Other Information" tab. You just need to select the appropriate delivery type (related to your warehouse) and process the PO.
The Shipment will take the destination location from the selected value from the "" field.

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Ray Carnes (ray)
Best Answer

Products can be stored in any Warehouse. 

Select the Warehouse on the Purchase Order to make sure it goes to a specific one. 

Make two Purchase Orders, one per Warehouse, because most Vendor's prefer a single address per order.

If you have more than one Warehouse at the same real world location, you can use Routes or ReOrdering rules or ReSupply configuration to automate the movement of products from one Warehouse to another. 

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