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How can Purchase Orders or Vendor Bills be routed for approval before confirming / paying ?

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Today since we use top pay vendor bills, we use their approval flow. So basically an invoice and/or bill comes in, accounting creates it in and sends it to the approving manager who approves it before it's paid. 

So our intent with Odoo is that all POs/Bills are handled in Odoo and the only thing we're using for is to send the checks (so we are just pragmatically creating & paying a bill in but ideally our users don't get in there anymore), the workflow remains in Odoo.

There doesn't seem to be a way to do any routing there e.g. decide either manually or rule-based who the PO is routed to for approval. How can we achieve this?

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Ray Carnes (ray)
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Odoo supports a manual approval process for any document via Activities:

FIRST: Add a Custom Activity Type in the CRM --> Configuration --> Activity Types Menu (activate Developer Mode so you can define which document type the Activity will be available for:

You then see it in the list of Activity Types:

THEN: Click Schedule an Activity on the Purchase Order (or Bill, or Invoice, or any other Document for which you have defined a Custom Activity Type):

Complete the dialog, choosing the User and the Date:

This shows up in the Activity List of the Purchase Manager:

They click it (notice how it will categorize Activities that are LATE and for TODAY separately from those required in the FUTURE) and are taken to an overview Kanban (Card) view of Activities in that category:

They complete the Activity:

They add any notes:

There is a Chatter Message left with the details of the Approval - who, when and any comments:

An Activity 'dashboard' supports rapid completion of Activities:

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