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FYI: Initiatives from Odoo to help train and educate the community

Ray Carnes

(inspired by and based on a response from Fabien today on the Community Mailing list)


- A lot of documentation at 

- FREE Odoo v8 training videos and slides:

- FREE Odoo v9 training videos:

- Documents and posts on many topics (business, competitors, features, etc.): and

- Videos of major features:

- FREE webinars every week.:

- A tour worldwide when launching new features (in >10 cities), e.g.:

- Annual (180 free conferences) during Odoo Experience:

- Visitor Live chat on 


- A lot of documentation at 

- Dozens of <module_name>/doc/*.rst files, such as:

- PR's that Research and Development are working on (a peek into what's coming):

- Great community tools: mailing lists:, forum:, transifex:, ...

- A new API at version 8 to ease developer on boarding and improve their development experience:

- Ability to test stable branches, nightly branches, and development branches (for next versions and new features in progress) directly in Odoo's continuous testing environment Runbot:

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