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How to Hide Module From a Groups

Tri Nanda


I using Odoo13.

I make groups of access rights to users with user privileges to a manufacturing module, but then the other module still appears to the users on the main dashboard like Contact module, Discuss, Callender module and others.

I want to hide these modules from the groups of users on the main dashboard.

So, how to do that?, to hide the don't necessary module from groups on Odoo internal users?

Please, I would be very thank you for the help, any sources or tutorials how to do that.

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Ibrahim Zool Odoo
Best Answer

just inherit main menu of targeted module and add wanted groups which you want them  to see the module . example:

<menuitem name="menuName" id="module_id.menu_idgroups="group_id1,group_id2" />

and do not forget to add the  supper module to the manifest file (in dependences)

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