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How filter a field with domain with eval expression?

Franco Tampieri

Hi guys,

I've created a module where I put some new category of product that will be created by xml.

So I'have to filter some field with domain, like 'categ_it', '=', xml_id, but i try to eval=ref('xml_id') but without success.

Does anyone have some solution or exampel to suggest me?

I don't want to put normal integer id to filter fileds, I want a more generalized and dynamic option :)



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Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier

I'd love an answer to that as well...

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Yannick Vaucher
Best Answer

In 8.0 I did the following to make domain based on XML ID:


When creating an ir.actions.act_windows


        <field name="domain" eval="[('categ_id', '=', ref('xml_id'))]"/>


Though, if you need to create a filter you will have to write:


          <filter string="My filter" name="my_filter" domain="[('categ_id', '=', %(xml_id)d)]"/>


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