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How can I make sure Customers don't get copied on every message that is sent from below their quote? Some messages are for internal use only.

Ray Carnes

(posted on behalf of another Odoo user)

Here is the workflow I am using so far:

1. The salesperson creates a Quote.

The salesperson automatically made a follower.

2. The salesperson sends a message below the Quote to Engineering so they can price the Quote.

PROBLEM 1: Customer is added as a follower and receives an invitation to look at their order. At this point, the salesperson isn't ready for them to look at it.

PROBLEM 2: Since the Customer is a follower, any additional messages will go to them. If the salesperson forgets to remove them, they might get future messages that were not intended for them. Since Odoo doesn't show who is getting the email "just Followers

PROBLEM 3: If Engineering replies to this message beneath the quote, since the Customer is a follower, they will see the reply.

PROBLEM 4: If I remove the Customer as a follower, then the invitation they received won't work - not a great experience for them.

PROBLEM 5: Once the salesperson confirms the Quotation, if they log into the Portal, they will see my message to the Engineer.

I'm clearly not understanding something about how this is supposed to work.

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Fabrice Henrion (fhe)
Best Answer

Assuming v9 or v10:

- Creating a quote for a customer adds the customer as a follower but does NOT send him an invitation if you don't explicitly send him the quote as an email. Just don't send him the quote as an email as long as you are not ready to do so.

- In order to talk to engineering without the customer to receive the message, log an internal note and @mention the engineering person (or channel). This will have the consequence that engineering will receive the message and the customer will not. Moreover, if the customer looks in his portal, he will not see the internal note. As a side note, if engineering replies to the notification email of the note, it will log another note hence preventing the customer to see that reply.

- Finally, another alternate option is to enable/disable the message type that you want/don't want the customer to see in the pencil icon next to the customer's name in the followers list. You can disable his following of the "Discussion" type and re-enable it later. In this case, the customer would still see them if he goes to his portal.

So it all depends on what you want to do, but it looks like your use cases are covered.

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