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Can openERP workflow become more dynamic ?

Kalmen Chia

OpenERP workflow is already dynamic , but what if i have this scenario ,

This usually practice in a LARGER corporate / company , i have simplified the approval workflow matrix as follow ,

  • We have different type of sales order ( e.g. LOCAL / Oversea )
  • We have different range of amount , e.g.

0 ~ 5000


  • when Oversea and in range(0 , 5000) , i need two person to approve and ANY one will do when Oversea and in range(15001,50000) , i need two person to approve and ALL must approve , etc.

from STAGE : Confirmed to Approved

and i do not want to HARD CODE my code in my "function" with amount , is there any way you know which I can make OpenERP workflow more dynamic and fulfill my approval process ?

any idea ? any comment ?

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Torsten Francke
Best Answer

you need to write code, but you can implement a rule-validation. Such system like pricelist or customer segmentation.

No need to write HARD CODE, only think first and design a good module ;)

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