Getting started with Odoo 9

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Getting started with Odoo 9

Follow this Functional Discovery webinar and discover how to take your first steps into learning Odoo: 

  • Create a new database

  • Install a new module

  • How to use our planner to get started

  • Discover the power of filter and views

  • Create a website from scratch: design a home page, add a contact page and learn about basic customization 

  • Leads acquisition 

  • Improve your internal communication with Discuss

  • Learn the user basic in Odoo

  • Discover Odoo CRM 

Simpleflexible and fully integrated with the rest of the Odoo Apps ecosystem.  

This webinar will give you a valuable  expertise  in those different apps and help you get the work done. Odoo's integrated apps aim to cover all your business needs in one platform. That way you can focus on what matters most, your business.  

 Discover our discovery functional sessions for those who want to learn more about Odoo and how our integrated apps can help you to grow your business. These webinars are free to join and will last approximately 3 hours. At the end of each webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q/A session.  


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