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 El temsah company for honey and food products
El temsah company for honey and food products Thức ăn

شركة التمساح للعسل و للمواد الغذائية احدى مجموعة شركات مؤسسة ممكلة النحل (عتمان) تأسست ١٩٤٠
الشركة احدى فروع الشركة الام ( مؤسسة مملكة النحل ـ عتمان ) تأسست سنة 1940
انتاج وتعبئة وتوزيع العسل النحل والاسود و المربى

حاصلة على شهادة الايزو 22000
 H. H. Princess Nouf Faisal Al Saud Est. For Trading
H. H. Princess Nouf Faisal Al Saud Est. For Trading Thức ăn
Trading corporation located in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, importing food from it’s best sources all over the world. One of the largest distributors specialized in the sourcing and sale of a wide range of nuts.
 Pastry Port
Pastry Port Thức ăn

We are Meneur Chocolate, the best chocolate shop in Riyadh. We are experts in creating mind-blowing and delicious chocolates, cakes & pastries to high prestige VIP customers in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
We are one of the few chocolate shops in Riyadh that make & sell luxury high-quality chocolates, pastries & cakes to an array of events, whether its a wedding, newborn baby reception, or birthday parties. We also make kids cake with their favorite cartoon characters. If you’ve got a requirement or any details you want to add, all you have to do is tell us, and we will get it done in no time.
At Meneur Chocolate, we pride ourselves on our impressive reputation and dedication to quality, taste, brand, and excellent service delivery. This is why every chocolate, cake or canapés is made with extra care and perfection, to give you the ultimate chocolate experience. We have years of experience in producing and selling products of the highest quality and have an enviable pool of satisfied clients who love our products.
AKA Foods
AKA Foods Thức ăn
AKA foods is the owner of the Brand AKA Sushi, they have opened their first Restaurant at Al-Shorooq City, Cairo, Phase 1 is to open the SLA Sushi restaurant, Phase 2 is to open a chain of recusants across Egypt.

YDS Provided a complete digital solution for AKA foods, starting from the Marketing, eCommerce Web site, mobile app, Odoo solution for POS and Inventory, and the digital security solution based on YDS smart office automation.
Abrag for Trading and Industry
Abrag for Trading and Industry Thức ăn
As an extension of the success of Five Stars Group in the FMCG field, Abrag manufactures high-quality special flour products distributed to the largest hypermarkets in Egypt. Abrag's products range from flour packed in different packages to premium specialty products that rely on flour. Abragj follows a manufacturing system that has been engineered to comply with the highest standards of quality and efficiency to provide a distinguished product that expresses the distinguished name of Abrag and Five Stars Group.
Adyaf Gulf Restaurants - KSA & Bahrain
Adyaf Gulf Restaurants - KSA & Bahrain Thức ăn
From a warm welcome to a delectable presentation, we believe that the Adyaf experience should be a complete trip of the senses. That is why we concoct our food with great care, creativity, and respect, preparing freshly baked bread and artisan pastry everyday and using only the best ingredients in every recipe.
Al Karamah Dough Production Co. Ltd
Al Karamah Dough Production Co. Ltd Thức ăn
Al Karamah Pastry Company is one of the leading industrial companies founded in 1980 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Egypt. Its products are widely present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region, the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and beyond, Europe and North America.
Al Watania Distribution Company
Al Watania Distribution Company Thức ăn
Watania Distribution Company
Estabilsh in iraq 2018 and work with nestle barnd( baci and Perugina )chocolate and
with Burcu turkish food.
AlYamama شركة مطعم البيتزا المشهور
AlYamama شركة مطعم البيتزا المشهور Thức ăn
شركة مطعم البيتزا المشهورة هي شركة متخصصة في انتاج و بيع األكالت السريعة من بيتزا و شاورما و غيرها بالمنطقة الشرقية
Alamal Egypt
Alamal Egypt Thức ăn
FMCG "Commodities" Import and Export company, having an office in Zamalek area and a Foodstuff Manufacturing, Packing and Export facility in 6th of October city.
Alca Trading Corp. - Frutlight S.A.
Alca Trading Corp. - Frutlight S.A. Thức ăn
Empresa exportadora en régimen de Zona Franca dedicada a la producción de purés acépticos en base a frutas tropicales.
Alphagem International sa
Alphagem International sa Thức ăn
Alphagem est un laboratoire luxembourgeois spécialisé dans la fabrication de macérâts glycérinés et de complexes de gemmothérapie.

Alphagem choisit rigoureusement ses ingrédients afin de respecter les méthodes originelles de cette thérapie naturelle : Alphagem n’utilise que des ingrédients bio (y compris la glycérine) et des bourgeons frais directement stabilisé sur le lieu de récolte. Cette ligne de conduite fait d’Alphagem la marque avec le plus gros pourcentage d'ingrédients bio.

Inspirés du « Traité de gemmothérapie » de Philippe Andrianne, les produits Alphagem soignent tous vos maux du quotidien.
Le terme « gemmothérapie » vient du mot « gemme » en latin, qui signifie à la fois bourgeon et pierre précieuse. Selon la gemmothérapie, les bourgeons des plantes (tissus embryonnaires) possèderaient en effet certaines propriétés thérapeutiques supérieures à celles des diverses parties de la plante mature.
Alwafaa Food Industries
Alwafaa Food Industries Thức ăn
ALWAFAA FOOD INDUSTRIES (WFI) is one of the leading companies in producing coating systems for meat and poultry processors. We achieved our good reputation by working as a partnering with customer to achieve their goals of producing top quality food products which relies heavily on perfect coating.

We produce all kinds of breadcrumbs: Home style, American style and PANKO. Also we manufacture all kinds of batters and predusts that suits all our customers’ needs.