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Princess Taghreed Institute (PTI)
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The Princess Taghrid Institute is a local NGO dedicated to rehabilitating, training, integrating and employing orphaned and abandoned youth after reaching the age of 18. PTI was established to solve the ongoing struggles faced by orphans and abandoned. At the critical age of 18, abandoned and orphaned youth are expected to leave the social institutions they were raised in and to start living their lives among the local community. We have noticed that among the youth, and especially the girls, that they are stigmatized and discriminated due to them being orphans and lacking a "normal family" structure. PTI therefore strives to professionally train and help these young adults unleash their creativity, and develop their already existing abilities, as well as find career opportunities that will help them become independent individuals and build a sustainable life. We also work hand in hand with the local community to help break the stigma, stereotypes attached to these individuals as well as supporting, and empowering women of the local community in order to enhance their skills and potential. PTI's mission is to create a training, educational institution, which strives for excellence. Where the trainees explore their talents, and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to help them in their future careers, providing them with a healthy and stable life. PTI also provides job opportunities for graduates in our organization's projects, allowing productivity to reach the highest levels of quality to all departments within the institute.
Respect Services
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