Expert Rochat S.A

Expert Rochat S.A

They were in need of a complete solution and decided to go with Odoo Enterprise. The main goal for the use of the new system was to manage quotations and invoicing, and the direct in-store sales. Moreover, they needed a modern website and eCommerce solution that could handle a sophisticated yet simple online store. On top of Odoo being well equipped to handle all their needs, one of the of the main advantages that they found with Odoo was that all their problems were solved with a single software. After implementing Odoo they quickly started to experience improvements;

  • Using Odoo Inventory the stock is updated automatically, and information neatly kept instead of having to do it manually and update in an Excel spreadsheet. Stock management is also organized and easily trackable with the support of serial numbers and barcode scanning.

  • Odoo Sales greatly simplifies the process from sales to quotation and finally payment. Before everything was done manually, information had to be written up and re-input several times, which was affecting efficiency.

  • With Odoo eCommerce integrated to their Odoo Website, they now run a successful online store that allows customers to pay directly via the website and the quantities sold are automatically updated with Odoo Inventory.

  • Odoo Point of Sale (POS) used with dynamic barcodes and barcode scanner has greatly increased their productivity, facilitating the selling process and decreased the waiting time at checkout.

  • Odoo Accounting has replaced their manual Excel based system, and allows them to easily print and customize reports, as well as compare time periods and product categories.