How A/B testing can help you optimize your website


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3. Why A/B Testing ?

8. Why A/B Testing with Odoo?

14. Demonstration

18. Which Version is the Best?

20. Conclusion and questions

1. How to Make A/B Testing with Odoo? Simon Goffin, developer

5. Why A/B Testing? Which is the best version?

6. Your Goal Increase the free trials (number of visitors who clicked on “Try it free”) How to know which is the best version with this goal?

7. Tracking the informations With Google Analytics services integrated in Odoo Now you can take the right decision by analysing the graph

21. o Customize your website with the CMS o Save your modifications in Odoo version o Launch an experiment in a minute with Odoo o Analyse the useful data with Google Analytics o Publish the best version to improve your website Conclusion

13. Steps to make A/B testing Methodology based on goals to improve your website Create and design your website Create a version of a page Create an experiment with a goal Publish the best version

11. ○ Save all the modifications of a page in a version ○ to simplify your A/B tests and avoid overlap ○ Save all the pages of a website on a version ○ to manage easily your multi website Structure Your Tests with Odoo Version

19. o Check the results of an experiment ○ by clicking on analytics o According to the results you can ○ publish the best version ○ delete the bad ones or try with an other goal o Let’s try! Which Version is the Best?

2. SUMMARY Why A/B Testing? 1 Why A/B Testing with Odoo? 2 Demonstration 3 Which Version is the Best? 4 Conclusion and questions 5

9. o Versions ○ Allows you to save the modifications of a page without erasing the actual design of a page. The master version is the version published on your website o Experiments ○ Allows you to define the way you compare some versions by choosing which versions to compare and how to compare with a goal o Goals ○ Allows you to quantify the comparaison between versions Key Concepts

10. ○ Create easily a version with Odoo CMS ○ Customize words, colors, headlines, call to actions, ... ○ Infinite possibilites with Odoo CMS ○ Track the best modifications with Google Analytcis integration ○ Control the distribution of your A/B tests A/B Testing Improves Your Website

22. Odoo +32 (0) 2 290 34 90 R&D and services office Chaussée de Namur 40 B-1367 Grand Rosière Sales office Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse 5 B-1160 Brussels Thank You Any question?

12. ○ Create an experiment in a minute with Odoo thanks to the integration of Google Analytic services ○ See your data directly on Google Analytics ○ Any useful data can be easily tracked ○ To take the right decision ○ Set your own goals and synchronise them with Odoo Analyse Your A/B Tests with Odoo

15. o Install the website builder module ○ this module allows you to create and design your website ○ let’s create a website with a beautiful homepage o Install the website version module ○ this module allows to create versions of a page ○ let’s create a version of your homepage How to Create a Version?

16. o To create an experiment, you must ○ have a google analytics account ○ create a project on google console that allows to use the API analytics o Follow the steps ○ in the configuration modal, all the steps are explained ○ copy and paste U-A and View ID from your Google account ○ copy and paste Cliend ID and Client secret from your project o Let’s try! How to Create an Experiment?

17. o An experiment contains ○ a name ○ at least two versions (including master) ○ one goal o In backend you can manage your experiments ○ to finish an experiment ○ to pause an experiment ○ to run an experiment o Let’s try! Let’s Start an Experiment?

4. ○ What? ● Methodology based on goals to improve your website ○ Why? ● To know the impact of your website according to a goal ○ How? ● The A/B testing consists of comparing different versions of a page in your website to determine which one is the best according to a goal. ● A page: the homepage of your website ● Two versions: version A and version B ● A goal: increase the page views What’s A/B Testing?


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