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Porta Capena

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Porta Capena
Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 48/8
50-369 Wrocław
+48 71 794 95 65

Porta Capena was founded in 2001 by an international team of specialists from Belgium and Poland with vast experience in engineering, databases, software and hardware. We think that your success requires much more than IT. As a passionate team of agile and skilled professionals we offer our clients powerful and lean solutions for optimizing business processes.

For more info : www.portacapena.com


Eurofat NV
Eurofat NV
LIPA Family is your partner for sustainable, long-term tailor-made solutions for recycling food waste into high-quality animal fats and proteins.
The Green Community
The Green Community
The Green Community is an ecosystem that aims to connect, engage and valorise the value chain within the green sector as much as possible. Our network creates products that bring people closer to nature, in a positive, ethical and truly sustainable way. Our goal is to create REAL social impact through transparency and relevant entrepreneurship.

An impact that translates into:
Plastic-free (home compostable or 100% closed loop)
Respect for the grower and his love for the profession