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Itehlab d.o.o.

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Itehlab d.o.o.
Slovenčeva Ulica 97
1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 620 02 55

Our company, iTehLab d.o.o., has merged the most important skills and expertise to establish and manage information life cycle. 

We are introducing corporate IS/APP solutions (on-premise, cloud and hybrid) even to smaller businesses, where using optimal solutions, we improve their way of doing business, secure valuable information and lower their costs of information system managing.

Our experts incorporate knowledge and skills on implementation and managing corporate solutions of key global manufacturers, information security (IRCA certified leading auditor ISMS) and relating standards (GxP, GDPR). 

Every birth is vital. The same goes for the birth of information.  

The implementation of an optimal and secure information life circle requires a broad specter of insight and empiricism.

Information life cycle requires management and maintenance. Our clients receive quality and wholesome services:

- IS/APP design (ISMS implementation, information security controls implementation),

- IS/APP layout (Security Awareness),

- IS/APP maintenance and management,

- helpdesk (ISMS maintenance)

- IS/APP updates/upgrades.


We help you to become reliable partner for your costumers. Project management and ISMS maintenance are the most important to achieve this. We help you to assure quality.