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17A, Road No. 270, New Maadi
11435 Cairo
+202 27020097


CORE BPO is an independent Business Process Outsourcing services firm, with primary focus on Knowledge Process Outsource, provides its services using Open ERP system in addition to other technical services in the field of Information Technology including but not limited to Networking, web development, and MIS… 

Our services include:

·         Accounting & Finance

·         Certified Public Accounting

·         Tax Accounting

·         Human resources  and tools

·         Training and Development

·         Procurement

·         IT consultancy

·         Legal Aids

·         Strategic Management

·         Web & Mobile Applications

·         Business Intelligence (ERP & KPI Dashboard)

·         Digital Marketing and Social Media (YouTube & Facebook)

·         Content Management Systems (News, Portals, and websites)


Simply we are helping clients to accomplish their business and financial goals towards growth, efficiency and profitability.



Arabia Press
Arabia Press
ARABIA PRESS is a leading company in the printing industry specialized in offering special services of printing and designing.
Our main objective is to serve out clients in a creative and supportive way.
From business cards to event banners, ARABIA PRESS can print almost anything your business could require. Lending a professional touch to your printing service,
ARABIA PRESS can handle even the most important corporate printing tasks. We are able to deliver on every part of the design and printing process, even the binding and collating of catalogs, company manuals and custom apparel.

Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Abou Rawash, Giza, Egypt
CORE Academy
CORE Academy
Prepare & Acquire talent IT resources in the Egyptian market. Core Academy provide
training courses in various business sectors beside IT; such as providing Start and
Improve Your Business Program - SIYB training workshops worldwide, Organizations
Team Building events, and much more....
Digital Wellnez Company
Digital Wellnez Company
We digitize your smile

We are a digital Transformation start-up, Aiming to maximize the potential profitability of our partners by proactively developing innovative digital solutions, providing reliable services, adopting successful sustainable revenue streams, developing revenue sharing models, ensuring continuous service quality optimization and tapping into latest technology and creative talent to develop end-user applications with the right products.

Design office and home furniture and sell it online through our website https://furvive.com and
social media channels.
The design of your company office is a reflection of the company’s personality and the
performance of the employees. Get the comfort your company’s employees need with a variety
of distinctive offices in design, sizes, colors and prices that suit your needs.
FURVIVE Furniture and Decoration Company offers a distinguished experience that includes
the finest materials, a warranty period of 5 years, and an integrated after-sales service.
MOZN Pharmacies
MOZN Pharmacies
MOZN is considered one of the most promising companies in the Middle East for pharmaceutical and nutritional industries,
Aiming to change the life-style into a healthy and safe by World-Class products, Providing the Egyptian market with the highest
quality supplements to support and facilitate living healthy.

MOZN Pharmaceutical and food industries are provided in the field of developing and producing nutritional supplements,
micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), health foods and staples.

"We meet the needs of our customers by offering products of high quality, effectiveness, safety and innovation. We always strive
for continuous improvement and updating. We build a success story in Egypt and abroad."
P Maestro
P Maestro
Our only goal is your success, by crafting the right solutions for your needs
We leverage tomorrow’s technologies to put you on the cutting edge
Working with us, there is one thing you can count on "nothing will ever be the same
Whether you already have a well-developed plan or you need our expertise to help you
accomplish your goals.
RED Square
RED Square
Red Square is one of the leading interactive advertising agencies in Egypt. It was established in 2010 and within only seven years it became a real game changer with a clear fingerprint among a whole market. Its unique balanced blend of creative and competent products, covering a wide range of local and international clients is what distinguishes our agency.
Over the last seven years, Red Square had such a transforming impact in the fields of automotive, home appliances, real estate, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, communication, beauty and fashion industries. The great impact that Red Square left on companies and entire industries in Egypt paved the way for us to be well present in the international market. Today Red Square is engaged in planning, development, management, organization, implementation, evaluation, short term sales, experiential marketing and brand activation in Egypt, Germany, Dubai, Lebanon, Algeria and Sudan.
Our utmost goal is to constantly deliver first class quality services. We constantly work to get this goal achieved through our five basic values of teamwork, respect, commitment, motivation and fun-loving.
Real Mark
Real Mark
RealMark is an integrated real estate marketing company established since 30
November 2016. RealMark has taken new, integrated future expectations for the
development of new urban communities with the main objective to diversify and
expand the company's portfolio as a leading marketing company. RealMark's
vision is to be the leading company in the field of real estate marketing
throughout the market and provide housing units to the most desirable Egyptians,
which would bridge the gap between the insufficient supply and demand that we
currently find in the real estate market.
Reality For Projects Management and Real Estate Investment
Reality For Projects Management and Real Estate Investment
ERA Commercial Egypt established and joined ERA International in 2011, ERA Commercial Egypt is all about providing real estate solutions that accommodate the demands and requirements of all times.

We do not believe in one-size-fits all solutions, and that is why we go out of our way via research and resourcefulness to customize our services. We put our years of know how to use as we devise the plans, recommendations and action plans that best suit every project and customer exclusively.

We are in this business for the long haul and our expertise, agility and contemporary vision answer to the most diverse and particularly real estate needs. Whether our clients are investors or property owners - or both - the ERA Commercial Egypt team gives professional and comprehensive consultations and management services over the full cycle of the real estate project at hand, from beginning to end.

We make sure to always stay informed with the latest market trends, and we are fully aware of the dynamics of the real estate market across the region.