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Change menu id?

Flowmoco, Dominic Pain
- 26.04.2019 10:54:43

I've created a new sub menu in Sales/Sales called Report Templates. This 
is (and does) link to a list of templates and from there to a wysiwig 
edit (fields.Html) to allow customers to edit templates.

I've also created a new menu called "Report Templates Management", with 
a dropdown which allows users to toggle between Templates and Notes.

When the user clicks on Sales/Sales/Report Templates, I want the menu to 
change from menu_id=97 (Sales/Sales) to menu_id=481 (Report Templates 
Management) - how would I go about this?

Current code in the gist, screenshots attached numerically demonstrate 
what I'm trying to achieve.

Thanks in advance!



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    Re: Change menu id?

    Elico Solutions Pte Ltd, dominique kon sun tack
    - 26.04.2019 11:46:10 - 0