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Re: Set up inventory workflow

- 17.11.2017 06:13:49
Hello Lucian,

For that you need to create two different products.

1. Bar 6m and Bar 1m.

After that you need to make Bar 6m as purchased product and Bar 1m as 
manufacture product.  You need to create Bill of Material for Bar 1m.  
In that you need to define 6qty and raw material as 1 quantity of Bar 6m.

Now when you purchase Bar 6m 1 quantity. Create manufacturing order of 
Bar 1m with 6 quantity.  And complete manufacturing order with enabling 
work order.

This way you will achieve your requirement.

Hope this will serve your requirement.

Thank you.

Saumil S.
Evozard Consulting Services Private Limited

On Friday 17 November 2017 02:25 PM, Lucian Vlaicu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am quite new to odoo and since several days I am trying to achieve a
> setup but without success:
> What i want to achieve :
> 1 - I purchase a bar of 6m long and put it in a local inventory storage.
> After that I want to cut the bar in 6 pieces of 1m length. For this
> operation I consume some hours of work. After that I want to have in the
> inventory 6 pieces of the product bar-1m instead 1 product like bar-6m
> and be able to assign these bar-1m to different projects for
> manufacturing some final products that will be sale
> Thanks in advance
> BR
> Lucian
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