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Workcentre Modelling

Open For Small Business Ltd
- 14.11.2017 17:12:38

I'm struggling to model a fairly basic requirement.

There are 3 machines. (Actually 12 in total but only 3 affected)
Machine 1 can produce Product X and Product Y
Machine 2 can produce Product X and Product Z
Machine 5 only produces Product A

Machine 2 runs slower than Machine 1 (roughly half the speed).

The operator on Machine 1 is constant, however the operator on machine 2 may be assigned to Machine 5 depending on demand.

99 percent plus of orders are MTO.

The determinant of which machine is used for Product X is a bit complicated, but is decided at planning time based on other demand and setups.

Any ideas or hints to any docs/blogs for this?

I can't see anything to manage labour constraints in MRP whatsoever and I can't see anything to specify at planning to indicate a specific workcentre or to have a single workcentre load applied to a specific machine.