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Re: Drying - get back the same product

Aurium Technologies, zahid
- 17.04.2017 11:45:52
Hi Nagy
May be you can achieve this with Quality Control modules. Take a look at these Control/browse
You can set for example a test for humidity value of product. With these modules, the reading ( aka tests ) can be triggered by stock moves, or mrp actions. There are sone videos tutorial out there on youtube for some example of this modules.
I hope this helps.

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On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 7:15 AM, Nagy Balázs <> wrote:
Good Morning!

How to setup a product, inventory or manufacturing where I want to set humidity of the goods.

The lot or the product itself does not change. Sometimes the weight of the product either. I would like to get a production order for this as it takes usually 1-3 days.

What configuration do you suggest?

Thank You

Balázs Nagy

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