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Possible Bug - Taxes on Sale Order Line - Account Invoice Line Odoo10 Community

- 30.11.2017 21:22:53

Hi guys,  I'm worried about next situation.

I don't know if something escape of my ( possible a configuration ) or is really a bug.

When i confirm or save a sale order( same with invoices) , the taxes on lines change their position and doesn't respect the original sequence. Why this is important? Well some taxes have the " Affect Base of Subsequent Taxes " check, for that, the order is really important.

How to reproduce it:

1) Create an order and add lines with mixed taxes ( the Affect Base of Subsequent Taxes check  should be the first added , and other without this check )

2) Save or confirm the sale order.

        - Taxes change their position

3) When confirm the order, create the invoice.

        -  The taxes passed in the incorrect orden provoking an incorrect tax amount, because not respect the mentioned check. ( not always happend )