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Re: Order Date problem in POS

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 30.09.2016 06:20:51
On 30/09/16 11:48, Aires Silvestre wrote:
> We're facing an issue in some Point of Sales regarding the field Order
> Date that is saved in model pos.order right after a sale in confirmed.
> Those POS run in Odoo V9 C, Fedora 24 64bit. It started from the moment
> we updated Fedora packages and the Odoo build (build 29 September,
> yesterday).
> Right after the sale is confirmed in the POS session, the instance of
> pos.order is recorded with a wrong date in the field date_order. The
> date recorded differs from the current time it is recorded, several
> hours of difference and off course this affects sales reports. Because
> they sale close to midnight is normal to get a specific sale made in one
> day reported in another.


There used to have a bug in this date (corrected in May, rev e9b1254a), 
if you are indeed using the latest build, the date_order should contain 
the date at the time of validation in the point of sale.

One scenario that may explain a difference is if you have no internet 
connection. The orders are stored in the browser until it is able to 
reach the server. the create_date is when the order is received by the 
server but the date_order is the date of the validation.


Martin Trigaux