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Re: Odoo vs Apache OFBiz?

- 11.07.2016 07:50:43
2016-07-11 13:17 GMT+02:00 Andreas Becker <>:
> Dominique you are absolutely right. The people here in that community like...

I don't subscribe to your words and I'm not allowed to judge what
people like or dislike.
Every one has his own good reasons.

> It is simply worth to remind the people here that it was their decision not
> to make a community fork.

Once again ? For how long must we be reminded ?

> As a result you will have never a clear roadmap you can work on as Odoo S.A.
> does not communicate early their goals their steps etc. They usually present
> finished stuff and than the community has to cope with it if they like it or
> not.

Odoo SA does the job and deserves the leadership on the community they
have created.
They do it cleverly, by adding more innovation to the product each
release than anybody else.
For sure, leaving, for whatever reasons, requires high
self-confidence. Seems you do.

> "Now, nothing prevents you to start your own project, make friends and
> propose a road-map. Do you homework and speak when you have good news."
> This communication might never happen as we here already realised that their
> is more an against towards progress in the community. And we are not alone
> with this fact!

You cannot piggy-back your own project on someone else's community.
Create your own.
If you create an alternate, you leave, you cannot get both.

> This is why I suggest building a DEMOCRATIC Association which leads Odoo
> Community Version and which will be able to unite the community of the old
> days again.

Please do first, inform us as soon as it is done ;-)