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Re: Odoo vs Apache OFBiz?

- 11.07.2016 05:11:42

2016-07-11 8:46 GMT+02:00 Andreas Becker <>:

 it would be actually a great point to build up an Odoo Community Branch with his OWN Roadmap. I am pretty sure that many developers would join such a project. 

​You re-open a cold case (again?). The community fork did not happen.​ It is now a done deal. None, of the members of Odoo community you are talking to, has decided to fork when it was in balance.
Now, nothing prevents you to start your own project, make friends and propose a road-map. Do you homework and speak when you have good news.
No need to be noisy in Odoo community which will unlikely follow you through a chism.