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Re: implementing - gitchangelog to odoo and its modules

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 23.05.2016 02:36:49
On 23.05.2016 07:52, Nhomar Hernandez wrote:

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 12:38 AM, robert rottermann <> wrote:
> 5.- Technical doc is here: does not even have a readme. Seems to be an exercise on how you make sure you leave people frustrated. > 6.- You can compile with nginx all of it. Again a proof how neglected the documentation is. This would be acceptable when a finished product is provided for the end user and you want to give the rare die-hard power user a way to get into more details.

did you "try" at least do?:

1.- cd path/to/doc
2.- make html.
3.- xdg-open build/html/index.html

thanks for confirming my concerns :)
not even this morsel of needed information is there ..