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Re: git mailmap, CLA and blame, license

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 10.02.2015 12:51:46

> What does the CLA grant that the LGPL doesn't already grant?

The CLA allows Odoo SA to:

- relicense your past work (from AGPL to LGPL)
- relicense your future contributions too (or launch dual licenses)

And protect Odoo users because you:

- conform to Odoo license choice (LGPL), and can not withdraw your
- guarantee that you don't introduce proprietary code in Odoo, nor
  infridge patents

But does not change anything for you:

- You still own your contributions, it's not a copyright assignment
- You can still distribute your contributions to whatever license you
  want (but we can do it too)

Note that if we decide to change the license of Odoo in the future
(other open source or proprietary one), you still own a AGPL/LGPL
version. One can not change the license of the software you already
have. Our users have the guarantee to never 'loose' anything. (even if,
for an unknown reason, Odoo decide to switch to a proprietary license)

The only thing legally possible for Odoo SA is to stop contributing to
the project. Technically, that's what we will do for Odoo AGPL (