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About Attachment File Location (again)

- 30.01.2015 22:43:48
Hello Community!

Maybe many question similar with my question has been asked by a many people in forums or Stackoverflow. But please allow me to ask again in this community forum. My question: is there any possibility for Odoo to save attachment directly into a file system directory (instead of database)?

Another doubt about this: I know that we can configure FTP for Odoo (module document_ftp), so we can browse/copy/open attachment by using file explorer (Linux/Windows/iOS) or using any FTP client. Is that it really store the file into FTP server? Or is Odoo just use FTP as a emulation interface to access attachments? What we want is to make sure Odoo not store attachment data into database that may increase database size when we upload big files.

Really appreciate any answer..

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