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Re: l10n_de improvements

Mathias Neef
- 18.08.2014 04:52:30
Hello Mr. Vocks,

thank you for your reply. It is a good idear to discuss this here, because we can make many improvements within the module or in seperate modules.

I think a very big point is a elster interface and a "Betriebsprüfer-Export". And it would be also good to have more standard reports.

I'm looking forward to your call.


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Am 18.08.2014 09:53, schrieb Thorsten Vocks:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
we recently discussed in advance of V8 release potential improvements of l10n_de around the following pull request:

Normally I would propose to discuss this "as near as possible" to the source code (=git). However in addition i would propose to discuss on the new official accounting mailing lists:

I see this discussion in the accounting group. We should target the V9 for some potential improvements of l10n_de, eventually backports to V8 have to be investigated. However we should discuss with @qdp-odoo to be inline with odoo core code. At the moment I would open this discussion by the following improvements:

* more industry specific accounting plans (e.g. the "IKR" (Industry), "PBV" (Healthcare) ...). 
However i would propose these industry specific accounting plans in separate modules
* new feature: flexible dimensions (possibility to choose / define / switch as a property in installation wizard). As a result we would have 1 account chart : n potential dimension trees. 
This would allow to keep the accounts itself and to apply the hierachy tree on demand.
This hierachy is possible to use as a base for the accounting reports. In best case there is for every
tree also one report with the same architecture. 
* extension of pre-defined accounting reports (we need more pre-defined reports).
* e-balance (electronical transfer of balance sheet / P+L reports)
* electronical transfer of VAT declaration (elster interface), 
* export of tax files for tax auditors (audicon format)
I assume i have forgotten some other things, however we have to discuss if we should have everything inside of the l10n_de module, or if we are talking about separate new modules (l10n_de_xxxx). 

Eventually Quentin may point us to more advanced l10n modules in other countries (already able to export electronical tax declarations). 

I also wish to have a german group in OCA, where we may discuss in parallel. 

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