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Stephen Mack

--Stephen Mack--

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--Stephen Mack--

Some people call me a karma whore, I only ask for 10 points if you like my answer and 15 if I happen to get it correct.

Stephen Mack
02.03.15, 06:03

In October of 2014 the Odoo forum website started to see consistent spammers.  I began a mailing list tread to document them in the hopes that Odoo would put some safeguards in the software.  One change was suggested by odoo, implimented and merged.  The use of the search engine spider "nofollow" on all links to low karma users

Then in November of 2014 I created a GitHub Issue to address the problem.  This was more successful and lead to several minor changes that have helped.

In December of 2014 forum user zbik posted a forum thread on the topic of how spammers are using the odoo.com forum to get google listings even on closed and deleted threads.

Now the forum has had some 2,000 spam posts in the last few hours.  I hope that Saas-6 will finally introduce some real spam tools into the forum software.

Olivier Dony (odo)
02.03.15, 14:21

# Temporary measures taken this morning (CET): - Blocked all IP blocks from the main ISPs where most of the spam posts where originating: + Indonesian AS17974 http://bgp.he.net/AS17974 + South Korean AS38661 http://bgp.he.net/AS38661 - Added manual activation step (very temporary!) - Deleted all posts from users with negative karma - Deleted all posts from users with multiple posts and no karma gain (except some real users like 393912, 434606 or 412543) # Permanent measures: - Any post by a user with negative karma is now a 404 page except for users with high karma. # Coming Soon: - New user posts limited to 1 question/answer per 24h until they have more than the initial karma - ...

02.03.15, 15:10

Hmmm, strange, at this moment, still exists, about 300 today's spammers posts, one after the other, from about ~ 3/2/15, 1:17 AM


Yenthe Van Ginneken

--Yenthe Van Ginneken--
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Turnhout, Belgium
--Yenthe Van Ginneken--

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Yenthe Van Ginneken
02.03.15, 06:00

A very simple answer: Nothing at this point. 
Odoo has other priorities such as development of new modules and rewriting the old ones, this has a very low priority.
For all of the people that read this and are annoyed by this spam I'd suggest to have a look at the official Github issue made by Stephen: https://github.com/odoo/odoo/issues/3460#issuecomment-76681606If you are annoyed by this and want a solution I'd suggest you to post there. Give them suggestions, let them know you do not like it, write patches,... Perhaps this will convince Odoo that steps need to be taken!

An official post from Odony (Olivier) confirms that there will not change anything before the next Odoo / SaaS version:

I'm still following this thread but I also explained what we plan to do about it in the next version https://github.com/odoo/odoo/issues/3460#issuecomment-61968508. Our forum system is heavily inspired by StackExchange, why not get the inspiration there, where it's working and scaling? Akismet-like stuff, captchas or integration with third-party tools definitely sound out-of-scope. Why wouldn't a first-post/first-comment moderation queue (just like on SE) work just fine, with zero setup (just tick the box to enable it)?

With kind regards,

Stephen Mack
02.03.15, 06:17

At least the foreign characters are pretty to look at.

AD LIBITOM, michel Guénard
02.03.15, 09:35

But you don't know if they propell insane ideas that someone will be able to read!

Stephen Mack
02.03.15, 09:39

I am making a joke... trying to look on the bright side or be positive. Since nothing is going to change quickly, it is my way of dealing with the problem without going insane. ;)


Baiju KS

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--Baiju KS--
ODOO technical

        I like learning new thing, especially technical thing. I am a quick learner, I can learn technical things very fast. I have good logical skill,  I have immense interest in programming.

e-mail id : baijuks@hotmail.com

Baiju KS
02.03.15, 06:34

Stephen Mack
02.03.15, 06:35

I just noticed that they might not be registering themselves as well. https://github.com/odoo/odoo/issues/3460#issuecomment-76696344

Olivier Dony (odo)
02.03.15, 14:22

User 444508 (babara) did perform an email activation (full session is here: http://pastebin.com/T2dVtFz2, look at line 337) I think the screenshot might have been taken when some of his posts had already been deleted, explaining why his karma was back at 0 without visible downvotes.

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch
06.03.15, 21:46


Thank you for this commit:


This is going to come in very handy with those of us that will be using 8.0's forum features for current and upcoming projects.

Are these features already implemented in help.odoo.com? I will be looking to go through the forum next week when I can find some free time to try and weed out the remaining leftover spam in the forum after the initial cleanup by Odoo SA.

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