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Aktiv software

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Started off with a small number and here we are serving multiple Odoo development organizations as a backend technical and functional Odoo force.
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Aktiv software
16.05.19, 03:40

Hello @Vu,

As you know  that on v10 and v11 cannot use string as an identifier string for x-path,

Thanks for the answer @yenthe and it works in common views

But In this conditions, 

we have notebook  inside page and page inside addons have added another notebook and pages in purchase(Product page) view 

- so when we have tried using page[2] and other ways it's always taken the first page inside notebook pages

<record id="purchase_order_form_inherit" model="ir.ui.view">

            <field name="name">purchase.order.form</field>

            <field name="model">purchase.order</field>

            <field name="inherit_id" ref="purchase.purchase_order_form"/>

            <field name="arch" type="xml">

                <xpath expr="//sheet/notebook" position="attributes">

                    <attribute name="name">orderline_notebook</attribute>


                <xpath expr="//sheet/notebook[@name='orderline_notebook']/page[2]" position="replace"/>




Email: odoo@aktivsoftware.com

Skype: kalpeshmaheshwari


Tiến Paul
16.05.19, 03:54

Hi, aktivsoftware Great, i have tried before: xpath name = "name" like yours and then continue inherit the custom form again. but failed, once again thanks for this solution.

Yenthe Van Ginneken
16.05.19, 08:58

Never noticed that, odd design decision :)

Tiến Paul
17.05.19, 00:24

(y) I do not understand why I did not add the attribute name = "_ name_page" to some pages of the base, or it was a missing error,


Yenthe Van Ginneken

--Yenthe Van Ginneken--
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--Yenthe Van Ginneken--

My Odoo blog: http://www.odoo.yenthevg.com/

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yenthe666

Yenthe Van Ginneken
16.05.19, 02:33

HI Vu,

You can hide/remove a page by calling it by the name:

<xpath expr="//page[name='the_page_name']" position="inside">
    <!-- Your code here to add custom logic -->

<!-- Or to remove the page -->
<xpath expr="//page[name='the_page_name']" position="replace"/>

If your page has no name set your only option is to use xpath expressions with an index (so page[2]). Don't forget that xpath expressions start counting from 0 and not 1:

<xpath expr="//page[2]" position="inside">
    <!-- Your code here to add custom logic -->

<!-- Or to remove the page -->
<xpath expr="//page[2]" position="replace"/>

You can find quite some xpath expressions that look much like what you need in the code. Have a look at https://github.com/odoo/odoo/search?l=XML&q=%3Cxpath+expr%3D%2F%2Fpage for quite some examples.


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Tiến Paul
16.05.19, 02:58

Hi, Yenthe,

The form has 2 pages. As mentioned above, when page [1], the page product is hidden, ie the index starts from 1, but [2] cannot, ?? - inside does not work, unfortunately because there is no "name". I also tried xpath on "name" for page [2] and then made it hidden by page [name = 'the_page_name'] but failed. I don't understand what this page is special about. although it does not inherit from any other form

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