Reference new text field at customer address for invoice and report

Michael Holthausen

Hello, I have added an additional address field via an add-on in odoo 15 in the "res.partner" model, where additional address details (such as department, division, etc.) can be made for customers. The name of this field is "address_suffix" and shown before the field "street". In the "Accounting" app, the "partner_id" field is used to select the appropriate customer and then the address is displayed underneath. 

I have two questions about this: 

1. how can I display my newly created field at this point, provided that text is included. Unfortunately, I can't find any approach how to display such a new additional field at this point. Or do I have to overwrite the field "partner_id"? and 

2. does this address suffix then also automatically appear in the PDF report of the billing if it is displayed at this point?