Modules getting rejected while using odoo in https configuration odoo 13

Rob Bro

Odoo was working fine with http configuration.

I've bought an ssl certificate and configured it to redirect to https with the subdomain i have given. Now odoo is accessible on this subdomain on https but the problem is only the outline of website is visible, cant access modules or anything. Looks like this and no other pages are loading

And these were the issues shown in console

warning: Some modules could not be started
Missing dependencies:
Array(3) [ "wysiwyg.widgets", "web_editor.snippets.options", "web_editor.wysiwyg" ]

Rejected modules:
Array [ "root.widget" ]

Rejected linked modules:
Array(4) [ "web_tour.tour", "website.tour.banner", "website.tour.contact", "website.tour.customize" ]

Non loaded modules:
Array(4) [ "website.contentMenu", "website.seo", "website.theme", "website_form_editor" ]

Object { "web_tour.tour": {}, "website.contentMenu": {}, "website.seo": {}, "website.tour.banner": {}, "website.tour.contact": {}, "website.tour.customize": {}, "website.theme": {}, website_form_editor: {}, "root.widget": {} }

Please note there are no issue while using the same db and codes on http server.

Any kind of help will be appreciated, thanks.
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If you are able to access the website as HTTPS, it won’t be a nginx configuration issue.Seeing the logs, this is most likely due to the incorrect configuration of odoo addons.Kindly check odoo’s conf files for addons path and custom addons path.

If they are correct then the issue could be with the broken code of one of your custom apps, remove the custom addons path, restart the services to check if it is loading without custom addons to ensure this.