Grant Thurman

Does anyone have the "simple" correct answer to what should be in the fields "property_account_receivable/id" and "property_account_payable/id" in a CSV import? I have tried __export__.res_partner_xxx (xxx being the proper account id), __export__.res_partner_xxx_x etc.... Doing a Google search on this subject I find dozens of answers to even many more people looking for answers. Often the answers that come back make little sense since the person posting the reply assumes everyone should know as much as they do about OpenERP. If that were the case we would not be asking, right?

A "simple" correct answer would help a large number of people besides me.

Thank you!

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Ray Carnes
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Create a new partner record (Customer or Supplier) via the User Interface and set the AR and AP fields.

Save this and export it, making sure to select the Accounts Receivable and Accounts payable fields.

This will tell you the ID's for the accounts you have selected.

(The first ID is that of the partner, all others are the contents of the fields you select on the export dialog. If you just select those two fields, you will get the two ID's you need in column 2 and 3 of the export file). The fields will be named 'property_account_payable/id' and 'property_account_receivable/id'.

Tip: to find the XML id of ANYTHING in OpenERP, you can export a document that refers to it, or export the document itself (in your case export the AR account, then the AP account).

A correct ID will usually look something like account.xxx or __export__.account_account_xx

If this answer isn't simple, let me know which part is hard to understand and I will go into further detail.

Edit: I just tried this and found at the current build of OpenERP 7.0 that I had to export the accounts, as the partner export gave me the wrong ID.

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Grant Thurman

That did it, thank you very much!