PRC Inc.

PRC Inc.

PRC Inc. is a leading contract packager of retail food, nutritional supplements and cosmetic products. The products we contract with are destined to national as well as international markets and are recognized for their quality standards. The senior management at PRC Inc. recognizes the importance of their role in ensuring the food safety and quality of the products under our care. Therefore, the senior management at PRC Inc. is thoroughly committed to providing our customers with safe and quality products by financially supporting and guiding the development, implementation and maintenance efforts of the corporation in food safety, quality and continuous improvement of all products produced.

PRC Inc. employs the highest industry standard methods to accomplish this commitment to consistently manufacturer products that are safe. The facility operates under FDA regulations for current Good Manufacturing Practices. We are third party audited by NSF for Food and Dietary Supplements. Under these rigorous standards, PRC Inc. maintains many pre-requisite food safety programs such as Pest Control, Allergen Control, Sanitation Procedures, Employee Training, Product Traceability and Product Recall.

Additionally, supporting quality programs are in place to ensure all products are manufactured to meet pre-established specification parameters outlined by our quality team and specific client requirements. These including sensory evaluation, product weight inspections, and analysis of physical, chemical and microbiological variables.

The employees of PRC Inc. are the company’s most valuable asset, and are supported in every effort to ensure the achievement of our standards. The staff is involved in all aspects of production, continuous improvement and system review programs. The associates are properly trained and understand the organization’s commitment to high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

PRC Inc. is committed to establish and review our food safety and quality objectives annually.