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Mulberry Farms


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Mulberry Farms is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1981, specializing in wholesale distribution and manufacturing various USDA approved items and private labeling. They offer years of experience guaranteeing their product quality and customer service.

Mulberry Farms’ customers range from the food-service industry to retail markets, such as grocers, restaurants, and individuals. Their production facility is located at the heart of Gainesville, GA.

Bista Solutions implemented modules including:

  • Sales

  • Purchases

  • Inventory

  • Accounting

  • MRP

  • Custom modules

This allowed Mulberry to track wastage/byproducts, reduce spoilage, and manage quality. Odoo served as one integrated solution for all of their management applications. The specialized and optimized manufacturing enabled by Odoo led to reduced costs and increased productivity.

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