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Global Mining Company LLC
Global Mining Company LLC Видобуток
GMC is the first Company in the Sultanate of Oman, which supplies raw gypsum with high purity (above 90 %) to the Cement Companies throughout the Gulf Area, India, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia & African countries. GMC is the sole dealer to Raysut Cement Company in the Sultanate of Oman since 1999 with the annual contract of 200,000MT. GMC have long term business annual contract to supply raw gypsum to ACC Cement Company India, Ambuja Cement Company India, Marubeni Japan (for Yoshino Japan & Saint Gobain India supply) and Indonesian customer. The installed capacity of the unit is to produce Eight Thousand Tons of raw Gypsum per day but not limited to produce when required. Salalah Port Authority has given priority to GMC to utilize the Salalah Port Facility to enable to provide smooth delivery of their products in any part of the world.
Muadinoon Mining Company شركة معدنون
Muadinoon Mining Company شركة معدنون Видобуток
معدنون هي شركة صاعدة تعمل في مجال تعدين وبيع المعادن والمواد الخام لمجموعة كبيرة من الصناعات. المساهمة في الاقتصاد السعودي ، تعد شركة معدنون واحدة من أفضل موردي المعادن مثل السيليكا الصناعية. نحن معنيون بتحقيق عمليات التعدين لدينا والحفاظ عليها وفقًا للمعايير الدولية ، مع احترام كل من البيئة والصحة وسلامة موظفينا في مكان العمل. تعمل شركة معدنون حاليًا على مناجم رمل السيليكا ، مع إجراء دراسات جيولوجية ودراسة جدوى لمواد جديدة.
Namco Marble
Namco Marble Видобуток
Selecting, Storing, and Providing world-class materials in compliance with international standards at competitive prices.

Imports and exports of all kinds of raw, processed slabs of marble or raw block marble, cut to size marble, tiles, marble tiles, floor tiles, and artificial marble, and other marble-bound products of natural stones, all kinds of quarries, underground above-ground supply, and operations.

R&D Carbon Ltd
R&D Carbon Ltd Видобуток
R&D Carbon (RDC) is the world-leading supplier of know-how in the field of carbon electrodes. Our multi-disciplinary and laterally-thinking team serves the aluminum, petroleum coke, pitch and electrode industries worldwide.
Sico Technology GmbH
Sico Technology GmbH Видобуток
Our advanced and patented know-how and innovative manufacturing methodes have made our products the first choice of leading semiconductor organizations around the world.