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FSS Systems, Inc
FSS Systems, Inc Харчування/Гостинність
Food Service Solutions Systems Inc. (FSS) is a logistics and warehousing company founded in 2018. It is engaged in the distribution, buying and selling at wholesale and retail of all kinds of goods, commodities, wares and merchandise. Its aim is to assist its small and medium sized business clients by providing reliable order consolidation and delivery services. The backbone of the business is its people--professionals with a combined experience of 40 years in logistics and warehouse management.
Honey Glaze Cakes
Honey Glaze Cakes Харчування/Гостинність
Honey Glaze Cakes was established by Pastry Chef Aileen Conde in 2009. It started as a home based cake company which specializes in fondant wedding cakes decorated by edible sugar flowers. Due to her passion in baking premium cakes and drive to produce elegantly crafted wedding cakes, the company has grown through the years and later diversified into creating custom birthday and christening cakes and other special occasion products such as Dessert Buffets and pastries.