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 Electronic House
Electronic House Інші послуги
شركة اليكترونيك تعمل فى مجال استيراد وتجارة المكونات والاجهزة الاليكترونية .
وتم اختيار الفرع الاول لها بباب اللوق الذى اصبح السوق الرئيسى لتجارة الاجهزة والاليكترونيات تزامنا مع تواجد وظهور الشركة به .
وبعد اطلاق تاتقمار الصناعية (الانالوج) دخلت الشركة سوق تجارة اجهزة الاستقبال من الاقمار الصناعية بكافة مكوناتها وقد استطاعت الشركة ان تتربع على عرش السوق المصرى وان تحتل المكانة الاولى بالسوق والتى مكنتها من الانتشار فى ربوع مصر المختلفة .
ومع بداية عصر الاجهزة الرقمية (الديجيتال) واطلاق القمر الصناعى المصرى نايل سات قطعت الشركة عهدا على نفسها بان يتمكن كل مصرى من مشاهدة قنوات الاقمار الصناعيةوخاصة القمر المصرى نايل سات فتعاقدت الشركة مع كبرى الشركات المصنعة لاجهزة الاستقبال فى كوريا الجنوبية والتى حازت قبول كل المصريين بفضل كفأتها وسرعة تطوير برامج تشغيلها .
ومع زيادة عملاء الشركة فى ربوع جمهورية مصر العربية تم افتتاح فروع جديدة بالاسواق الرئيسية بمدينتى القاهرة والاسكندرية حتى وصل عدد فروعها الى عشرة فروع للشركة منتشرة بالاسواق الرئيسية للاليكرونيات سواء فى القاهرة او الاسكندرية .
وتم اعداد مركز خدمة وصيانة معتمد من بين هذة الفروع لخدمة عملاء الشركة وليقوم بتنفيذ كافة التركيبات والشبكات للمنازل والعمارات والفنادق والقرى السياحية وذلك لكافة الاجهزة والمكونات التى تستوردها الشركة وتبيعها لعملائها سواء من الافراد او التجار بجميع محافظات الجمهورية وبالاضافة الى نشر مندوبى الشركة وسيارتها بكافة مدن جمهورية مصر العربية .
كما تبزل الشركة قصارى جهدها فى اختيار العاملين بالشركة حتى يكونوا على اعلى مستوى من الكفائة التى تمكنهم من تنفيذ سياسة الشركة وخدمة عملائها وقد بلغ عدد العاملين نحو 177 عاملا وموظفا جميعهم من متوسطى العمر والشباب اصحاب الخبرة والعلم وقد تم وضع نظاما للاجور والحوافز والمكافأت والمعاملة الحسنة ليضمن ولاء جميع العاملين وليوثق علاقاتهم وولائهم وانتمائهم للشركة .

6th of October Investors Association
6th of October Investors Association Інші послуги
The 6th of October Investors Association is a non-governmental association registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity with registration number 753 of 1984 and is considered the first investor association established in the new cities and it represents the 6th of October City investors in various industrial fields such as food, ready-made clothes, yarn, textile, and industries Dermatology, which includes 11 industrial areas and more than 2,300 factories

Taking into account the interests of members of the association.

Encouraging investments in the sixth of October.

• Developing the local community in 6th of October City economically, socially and at the educational level
· Establishing a system to enhance integration between industry, services and scientific institutions on the sixth of October
· Providing human resource development for members and employees
• Solve technical problems for factories by cooperating with scientific institutions and assisting investors in solving problems with government institutions, opening new fields for investment for large and medium industrial projects.
• Study and report on technological progress for the benefit of investors.
Al Maaly Real Estate Investment
Al Maaly Real Estate Investment Інші послуги
Ma’aly is a national for profit holding real estate investment organization, whose business line is :

Developing :

( Developing gated compounds of houses in the suburbs of Cairo in Egypt to create integrated lifestyle )

Ma’aly is the holding of two subsidiary companies:

1- Professional Connections


(which provides services in sales, marketing, facility management, finance and customer services, (Remax Franchise)

2 -Professional Connection For

Trade & Distribution
Alrais egypt
Alrais egypt Інші послуги
Provides the right approach, technology and support to carry on innovation.
DIGITEX Egypt Company
DIGITEX Egypt Company Інші послуги

Profiting from its great location in the province of Zhejiang, east China, DIGITEX succeeded since the year 2000 to make a name related to innovative and trendsetting printing solutions. With customers from all continents and with a variety of products and production methods, DIGITEX does not only convince with the product and its quality, but also with the service through the whole process.

With a factory capacity of 130 million meters per year, controlled by foreign and local skilled staff, our factory is equipped with printing & dyeing facilities such as:

- Semi-Digital Printing: 4,000,000 m/month
- Ink-Jet Printing: 1,200,000 m/month
- Rotary Screen Printing: 400,000 m/month
- Dyeing: 6.000,000 m/month
El Esraa Flexo Plast Pre-Press
El Esraa Flexo Plast Pre-Press Інші послуги
El Esraa Pre-Press does much more than manufacturing Flexible Packaging Converters for an array of leading food and consumer product companies in Egypt. The firm works in collaboration with dynamic companies to find better ways to succeed. With its facility in Obour City, its operation stretches among all Egyptian cities, providing solutions to several industries like agriculture, food producers, publishers, whole packagers, cloth industrial and more.

El Esraa Pre-Press provides Rolls for automatic packaging (FFS), Bags (pouches) for semi-automatic and manual packing, and material in Simplex, Duplex, and Triplex layers made out of Polyester, Alufoil, Polyamide, Polypropylene (Metalized, Pearlized, and Transparent), Cast Polypropylene, PVC, Paper, and Polyethylene.
Fair Trade Egypt
Fair Trade Egypt Інші послуги
Fair Trade Egypt is Egypt's first and only fair trade certified producer network & retailer, and currently carries more than 1,000 fairly traded products. Having worked in the field of Handicrafts since 1998, Fair Trade Egypt ltd is sure to provide you with quality products that are Egyptian, handmade, and fairly traded while providing its producers with the capacity building and training needed to compete in today's fierce market. Fair Trade Egypt ltd is currently a member of both WFTO Africa & Middle east'' and WFTO ''World Fair Trade Organization'', and a leader of the Fair Trade movement in North Africa and the Middle East
Gulf International Co.
Gulf International Co. Інші послуги
Gulf International Co.was established in 1992 & it is considered to be the leading provider for human resources recruitment & consultancy services in the Middle East with more than 23 years of experience and more than 750.000 applicants’ profiles working in various fields covering all lines of business. All candidates profiles are stored on a large computer Data Base and State-of-Art computerized archiving system for easier accessibility in order to give better services to our customers. At the same time we're using the state-of- art finest internet portal solution for HR services.

Today our company enjoys a wide market share built from more than 17000 organizations working indifferent lines of business across the GCC countries. As well, our applicants pursue stable and promising careers.
ITShield Інші послуги
ITShield support your Enterprise to implement Next generation endpoint security solutions that strengthens every point of entry across all form factors and ecosystems, while still allowing your employees to be productive.
Ibn Sinai For Hotels & Resorts CO
Ibn Sinai For Hotels & Resorts CO Інші послуги
Ibn Sina was established in 2013 as a real estate developer organization
emphasizing on Hotels and Resorts in Egypt. With its offices in Cairo,
Alexandria and Matrouh, managed and run by top-notch administrative
standards and by our advanced teams, Ibn Sina aims at delivering
unbeatable quality standards for its customers.
Innovera Інші послуги
Transforming the Educational process through an exceptional team in education technology since 2013!
Innovera brings change to the world of education in Egypt and Sudan through the latest technology. We facilitate the educational process for learners and educational institutions through our wide range of products and services.
Life Makers Foundation
Life Makers Foundation Інші послуги
Life Makers Foundation is an Egyptian registered national non-governmental and non- profit organization established since 2011 and registered centrally according to the Egyptian NGOs’ law. The Foundation is youth-led and voluntary based that works since its establishment on youth development to build their capacities to develop societies and respond to its humanitarian and emergency needs. It works directly through its offices and branches allover Egypt and together along with partner organizations on youth development, education, health, livelihoods, basic needs and environment sectors.
Misr Logistics
Misr Logistics Інші послуги
Misr Logistics is a leading supply chain services provider and it has a proven record of success in implementing the latest in the logistics sector through investment in the latest software to introduce technology, automation, staff development in order to optimize performance, reduce time, reduce human resources, reduce mistakes and save cost.
RED Square
RED Square Інші послуги
Red Square is one of the leading interactive advertising agencies in Egypt. It was established in 2010 and within only seven years it became a real game changer with a clear fingerprint among a whole market. Its unique balanced blend of creative and competent products, covering a wide range of local and international clients is what distinguishes our agency.
Over the last seven years, Red Square had such a transforming impact in the fields of automotive, home appliances, real estate, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, communication, beauty and fashion industries. The great impact that Red Square left on companies and entire industries in Egypt paved the way for us to be well present in the international market. Today Red Square is engaged in planning, development, management, organization, implementation, evaluation, short term sales, experiential marketing and brand activation in Egypt, Germany, Dubai, Lebanon, Algeria and Sudan.
Our utmost goal is to constantly deliver first class quality services. We constantly work to get this goal achieved through our five basic values of teamwork, respect, commitment, motivation and fun-loving.
Smart Heat Egypt
Smart Heat Egypt Інші послуги
Smart Heat is a premium brand of heating systems since 2009. The company history marked with continued technological research by an aim to furnish with warmth, create innovative solutions that respond to requirements for best performance and appearance at the same time.

Moving freely between past, present and future, for SMART HEAT the fundamental reference values are comfort, reliability, quality, individual health, environment respect, as well as the performance and good look.

Strength of SMART HEAT depends on the integration of different experiences, internal synergies, optimizing specific skills and the most advanced technologies in addition to innovative solutions.
South Valley For Hydraulic & Equipment Services
South Valley For Hydraulic & Equipment Services Інші послуги
SouthValley has been established in 2010 as Hose Assembly Company in Upper Egypt Zone. Our business model is based on the excellence and leadership in the field of Hose Assembly in Upper Egypt with its various types and sizes, with high technique of German technology & high quality of Italian raw materials, with skilled & high experience witnessed by all our customers.

We are serving various sectors and fields (Mining, petrochemical, construction, contracting, food, and agriculture, industrial… etc.).

In 2012, SouthValley add new business of Filters, GET & CAT Equipment Spare Parts (Original & Aftermarket).

In 2016 SouthValley started the business of Mobile Equipment Maintenance over all the region of the upper Egypt.