Barton Dynamics

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Novobi (18 reference(s))

8920 Business Park Dr.
Suite 250
Austin, TX 78759
United States

Founded in 2015, Barton Dynamics specializes in innovating and improving the shopping experience for shoppers and retailers.  Two of our founding member have built careers in the retail sectors and understand the value of providing a positive shopper experience first-hand.  Through our partnerships with Novobi and Dejalytics we are bringing comprehensive analytical processes to customer facing side of the retail industry in a way that has never been done before.  Much in the way that retailers have maximized their internal processes through analytics, we are providing power AI tools to maximize shopper experience and engagement. By utilizing the shoppers mobile devices we are able to reduce infrastructure expense and utilize a delivery platform that the shopper is already familiar with.

Odoo Customizations: HR Solution, Digital Media e-Commerce with Subscription


" Novobi has helped us leverage the Odoo platform to build functional tools that

improve our customer’s business processes. They have been an amazing partner and

helped us to realize the full capability of the Odoo platform. "

John Domeracki, President