RZS ABOGADOS: The cultural change brought by Odoo

Company Name: RZS Abogados

Location: Madrid & Seville (Spain)

Industry: Lawyers

Company Size: 20-50

Odoo Users: 30+

Hosting: On-Premise

Apps: Projects, Timesheets, Contacts, CRM, Dashboards, Discussions, Accounting and Sales.

Implementation Partner: QubiQ


RZS Abogados is a project focused on offering a legal service with a modern vision of law, combined with more than 30 years of experience. This nationally recognized firm focuses on providing an agile service that is approachable and has total control over the latest technologies.

RZS Abogados is a company committed to quality service and specializing in different areas of the legal framework. Regarding its commitment, there are aspects such as rigor and efficiency, experience, a human and technological team and its corporate social responsibility towards clients, employees and the environment.

Among the services they provide are: insurance law, insolvency law, commercial law, tax law, etc.

The time for change

As the firm grew, the need for better management of services, projects, employees and clients became indispensable. For this reason, they decided to unify all the information in a single database.

As a cultural change arose within the firm with a direct effect on the way work was organized, processes had to be streamlined. Committed to offering a more agile and closer service and committed to efficiency, they had to break down barriers between departments. At the same time, there was a need to increase control over the objectives set, so they needed a better tool to measure them.

Odoo as a single solution

After considering other options, including Salesforce, they finally opted for Odoo, with implementation by QubiQ. This Odoo partner is a Gold category partner, they have been wearing this badge since 2019.

The firm had internal management problems due to a lack of centralization in the processes and information they managed. Having 5 different softwares to manage the different processes, they were doing the same work, such as creating contacts, in the 5 softwares. In addition to this lack of efficiency in terms of time management, communication between workers in different areas was complicated, as well as communication with the client.

Implementation step by step

Thanks to the implementation of Odoo, they have been able to centralize all the management, increasing efficiency in their day-to-day work both internally and with the end customer. Thus, the implementation of the contact and sales modules has facilitated customer follow-up, communication and the sending of documents.

On the other hand, the discussions module has been key for communication both between teams and between their members. Being able to initiate conversations and internal communication threads from any module has streamlined each process and cut management times, thus being able to offer a better service and fulfill its corporate social commitment.

When it comes to managing objectives and being able to measure them, they have found the perfect solution in the integration of the project modules, timesheets and dashboards, which in turn, are fully integrated with the rest of the implemented modules.

Project management allows them to keep track of all the cases they are working on. With the integration of timesheets, each employee can record the hours they work on each task. All times will be recorded and recorded directly in the dashboard module, through which they can now measure the new targets they have set themselves.

As for customer acquisition, the developments carried out by QubiQ, has allowed RZS Abogados to have a CRM tool for customer acquisition and information registration. With this implementation, all business flows have been integrated, from customer acquisition to service delivery and billing, all with a time saving for employees.

However, even with all the improvements in terms of efficiency and process control, we can always find some setbacks in the implementation of a new system. In the case of RZS Abogados it came from some workers who found the change of system more difficult. Although these problems are very common, they always present obstacles when implementing a new system. Finally, thanks to a period of adaptation, training and explanations about the advantages of Odoo, any initial problems were easily solved, as well as with the collaboration of QubiQ.

Today, after a successful implementation, the firm can offer more and higher quality services. Odoo has changed the culture of their company in such a way that RZS Abogados is certain that they would recommend Odoo as it includes all the necessary modules to carry out an all-in-one management of any business.

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